Bi –Lingual Sacrament, The Rite of Penance, at St.MacNissius’ Church Tannaghmore

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The bi-lingual sacrament, The Rite of Penance, that took place in April at St.MacNissius’ Church, Tannaghmore, was a great success! Tannaghmore school acknowledge the enthusiasm, kindness and co-operation of the Parish Priest, Fr Seán Emerson, whose arrangements for the sacrament enabled the bi –lingual sacrament to run so smoothly. An tAthair Mac Giolla Cathain officiated with Fr Emerson. Dedicated staff helped with the liturgy of the music and the word. The sacrament touched all those present – parents and teachers alike. 

Tannaghmore now look forward to the Sacrament of First Holy Communion in 2020, which will also be bi-lingual.

History is being made at Tannaghmore – the first CCMS school in the 6 counties, other than County Derry, to be able to offer a sacrament through the medium of Irish. This is wonderful for both faith and language.

Máire Darragh, Principal, Tannaghmore