Before starting your application form please read this information

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  1. Applicants for primary and nursery posts must hold a recognised religious education certificate on taking up post.
  2. Posts involving working with children and young people in educational establishments are subject to the provisions of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (NI) Order 2007.
  3. Applicants must disclose if there is any reason why they cannot work in regulated (as defined by access NI) activity.
    For further information please visit the Access NI website
  4. On taking up a post the applicant must be a registered teacher with the GTCNI
  5. All applicants must be committed to the religious and pastoral development of a catholic school.
  6. It should be noted that the criteria for any of the posts advertised may be enhanced to facilitate short listing.
  7. Please ensure that you send your application form to the correct Diocesan Office
    Faxed forms will not be accepted.
  8. Save as you go along
    CCMS strongly recommends that you constantly save your application form as you go along. Your application form will time-out after a period of two hours. All work will be lost if you do not save it.
  9. Check your firewall settings
    Prior to starting your application for you will need to check the 'firewall' and 'security settings' on the computer that you are using. Certain firewalls may prevent successful transmission of your application form to CCMS. The firewall and security settings on other computers may prevent you sending your application form through
    If you are using a computer at work, school, Internet cafe or at another location please be aware that the security and firewall settings at the location will in many cases prevent you from sending your application form.
  10. If you have a problem
    If you do experience a problem sending your application form through, please contact the Diocesan Office in which the post is advertised.
  11. We don't accept late applications
    CCMS will not accept late applications or give extensions to applicants who are experiencing computer problems.
  12. Only official CCMS application forms will be accepted!
    The format of the form must not be altered in any way.