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My Late Late Toy Show Experience by Odhran Keown from Carrick Primary School


On 12th October 2015 I sent away a video clip application plus a copy of my own book Hermie  The Crab in The Black Lagoon that I’d written to THE LATE LATE TOY SHOW. I was really excited on Friday 23rd when I got a phone call to say that out of the 10,000 children that had applied, I was one of the lucky 40 to get picked to come for an audition.

I was super excited and on Thursday 29th October my family and I set off to Donnybrook in Dublin for the auditions which was in the RTE Studio.  I was interviewed by Kate, Gordon and Ella. They asked me what books I liked to read and who my favourite author was and I told them that it was David Walliams.  I had two very long, agonising weeks waiting to see if I was successful and finally the news I was dreaming of came true when I was picked to be a book reviewer on the Late Late Toy Show!                                                                            . 

My job was to read the following books:

David Walliams’ Grandpa’s Great Escape

Timmy Failure Sanitized for your Protection by Stephan Pastis

Danger is Everywhere Beware of the Dog by Chris Judge.

I loved all of these books but my favourite was David Walliams’ new book. I was super excited to be reading it and really enjoyed it, even though it was a little bit sad towards the end.  Then, the big day came: I was going to be on the Late Late Toy Show!!!  My Daddy and I went to the rehearsal in Dublin for 2:30pm. Then, we got to meet Ryan Tubridy and to see the studio all decorated with the toys which was amazing! He was really nice and funny and jokey and he was a bit of craic and was a good listener too.  After the rehearsal we were told that we had to be back at the studio for 9:00p.m. So we stayed in my Mum’s cousin’s house in Dublin until then. Finally, the time had arrived for me to go to the Late Late Toy Show! I wasn’t nervous at all when we got there and when it was my turn to go on stage I felt very excited!

When Ryan asked us if we liked David Walliams’ books we all enthusiastically said, “Yes!” Next he asked us, “If you were to ask David Walliams one question what would it be?”  I answered, “Tips on being a good author because that is what I would like to be when I grow up”.  Ryan replied, “Well isn’t it a shame when you have a question for someone and you can’t ask them it”. 

Then he teased us “Would you like to meet David Walliams?” and we all cheered “Yes!” “Aaah it’s a pity because he’s not here!  No I’m only joking, he’s here in the studio,” and from behind the beautiful bookcase came David Walliams.  My heart was beating soo fast I thought it was going to burst.  David sat down right beside me and a thrill of excitement rushed through my body.  Then we all got to ask him our unique questions which he answered enthusiastically.   Hiding behind his chair were 4 magnificent signed photo frames of his latest novel Grandpa’s Great Escape. I was over the moon with this present.  He picked up my copy of Hermie The Crab in the Black Lagoon and said he was looking forward to reading it, I was delighted that my idol would be willing to read my book!! 

Backstage we got to chat to David privately. He asked me what my book was about, he asked what age I was and really encouraged me to continue reading and writing. 

This was the best night of my life and it will be one that I will never forget.  As a token for being a good book reviewer, The Late Late Toy Show team rewarded me with a gym bag, a pencil case and a piggy bank with the Toy Show logo on it and a voucher for Symths Toys Superstore. 

The next day I was interviewed over the phone by John Toal on BBC Radio Ulster about my experience on the show.  I was later invited by the BBC to go to Belfast to see the preview screening of Billionaire Boy by David Walliams as this was the character that I had dressed up as for the Late Late Toy Show. They invited me back to attend a live interview in the Belfast studio by John about the film.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would recommend people to watch it, it was very funny.  I got a tour of the studio, saw Hugo Duncan’s studio and got to put on the headphones and listen to the live music in the studio that day.  I had a fantastic time.

I have sent David Walliams a copy of my book and am eagerly awaiting a reply.   

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